How to plan the perfect road trip

Planning ahead is good; however, some of the most memorable road trips are those that were ruled by spontaneity
It goes without saying that road trips are awesome, and a successful one will stay with you forever. Road trips come in different forms; for some, it’s a multi-day cross-country trek, for others it’s a couple of hours ride to a cozy BnB, whereas for outdoorsy, it involves camping. Some of the popular destinations for road trips include beaches, Lake Houses, parks, or even a trip to visit grandparents. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning the perfect road trip:

Plan Your Route and Stops before You Leave

The best way to plan your route and stops beforehand is to map out how you’ll be getting to your destination. Apps like Roadtrippers and OnTheWay can also help you plan. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take a break every two-three hours, therefore, when scheduling stops you should check for interesting parks, restaurants, stores, or even cities situated on the way. Weather can also turn a seemingly shorter route into a long and hazardous road; therefore, it’s important to investigate it beforehand.

But Keep Your Plans Loose

Planning ahead is good; however, some of the most memorable road trips are those that were ruled by spontaneity. Not to mention, there’s always the possibility of things going south, for instance, bridges being out or road constructions. Relax; these incidences will make a great story someday. It’s also good to keep an open mind since road trips are bound to bring forth fun and interesting opportunities.

Have a Solid Budget

With a solid budget, road trips can cost less, however, they come with some hidden costs such as fluctuating fuel prices, snacks at the road station, parking, entrance fees, and much more. Budgeting for a road trip ensures that you have enough money for the trip, plus it keeps you from dipping into your savings.

Make Sure Your Ride is ready and insured

You need to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition beforehand for safety purposes. Also, well-serviced vehicles consume gas more efficiently and prevent breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. You can perform simple DIY activities like checking the vehicles vital fluids, however, a professional tune-up should be able to keep your vehicle in shape. It’s also important to update your insurance to protect you and your passengers against unforeseen risks.

Pack Your Car like a Pro

When packing, it’s essential to put all the important stuff first. Some of which include: repair and maintenance tools, including spare parts; safety and survival supplies such as first aid kit, water bottles, flashlight, matches, and weather radio; convenient and comfort supplies such as tissues, umbrella, spare change, blanket, change of clothes, and USB mobile device charges; last but not least, license and registration.

Stay Entertained on the Road

Once you hit the road, you’ll need something to keep you from getting bored. Anything from MP3 players, to crossword puzzles, to books on tape, to portable DVD players with headphones can help keep the boredom away. But, don’t bring too much lest you end up missing out on the entire experience.

Keep the Kids from Driving You Crazy

Including the young ones in road trips constitute the best family adventure. However, the little ones have may find it boring sitting I the car for long hours. Try entertainment, or activities such as drawing, writing or coming up with games to keep them occupied, and pack enough snacks to keep them satisfied. This should keep them from driving you crazy for some time.