Hybrid Cars

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Recharging an electric car in the garage: everything you need to know at a technical, legal and price level

The socialization of plug-in electric and hybrid cars is slowly catching on. Increasingly, zero-emission vehicles are spreading with greater acceptance among drivers, arouse more interest and have a greater infrastructure, although in this regard there is still a long way to go. If you are one of those drivers who are considering buying an electric car there will be an…

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Lexus models in the GS-series more comfortable and functional

Lexus Hybrid Cars Sold over 500,000 worldwide

Since 2005, more than 506,000 Lexus models were shipped with a full hybrid powertrain. The RX SUV 400h/450h are the best-selling Lexus hybrid versions, followed by the CT 200h. Since the introduction of the first Lexus hybrid cars in 2005, Toyota has precious daughter worldwide by the end of November 2012 brought more than 506,000 vehicles with Lexus Hybrid Drive…

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Accessories for car Lexus 2012 hybrid model

Attractive accessories for the Lexus CT200h

Lexus provided accessories for car, more facilities and comfort for the compact Lexus 2012 hybrid model. The new Lexus CT200h includes accessories for the approximately 18-inch alloy wheels for a confident look and sporty exterior mirror housing in carbon look. In addition, there is a practical and elegant boot mat. For the Lexus CT200h, the first full hybrid in the…

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