Hyundai Ioniq with three types of electric motor

Hyundai wants to become the first manufacturer to offer an electric car containing three versions: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric. We want to achieve with the call Hyundai Ioniq that will make its world debut next January in Korea, to travel to Europe until weeks after the Geneva and finally presented in the US market in New York.

Hyundai will launch a new vehicle in January dubbed the Ioniq featuring three electrified drivetrain options in one body type

Hyundai already showed the intention of this model few weeks ago with what they called AE Hyundai and its plan to electrify their vehicles for the next decade. The manufacturer has not yet revealed any information regarding the prototype model, including price or time-to-market. Some sources speculate that the latter could occur at the end of 2017 .

According to the manufacturer, the Hyundai Ioniq model name refers to different elements that have surrounded its creation. The origin of the first part (“Ion”) is clear. The second part “iq” have given more questions amalgam of environmental concepts and revolutionary design Hyndai says the model included.

According to the published notice will provide a consumer with an attractive design leadership and leaders in its segment. We will see to what extent they meet these expectations, what is clear is that is good news for electric mobility, especially for the fact of having the triple option in their engines.