How LED Lighting Works in Vehicles?

Since 2003 Audi presented headlights with LED lighting in the Frankfurt Motor Show. This type of technology has been established and today not only high-end cars are incorporated as equipment standard but it is becoming more common than even mid-range vehicles include different kinds of LED car bulbs.

LEDs have the property of emitting light when current flows through them. They have little light inertia , i.e. very little time elapses since the LED starts to light until it reaches its maximum luminous power and also consume little energy in relation to the amount of light emitted. This makes it a very interesting source of illumination for the headlights of a vehicle.

The process of installing LED headlights is quite simple . In the following video we can see a video tutorial

How to install LED headlights in a vehicle

The process of installing LED headlights is quite simple . In the following video we can see a video tutorial.

In the video we can see the installation of H7 bulbs , but for the bulbs H4, H3 and other types the installation process is similar. To install this type of bulbs, as shown in the video, we must remove the headlight cover, insert the bulb, connect it, insert the connector inside the headlight and close the headlight cover.

Advantages of LED Lighting

In addition to the aspects discussed above, efficiency and low energy expenditure , there are other advantages to opt for LED headlights.

One of them is its half-life, which can be extended by thousands of hours , even reaching the life of the car. The LED headlamps also do not melt like a conventional headlamp, unless there is an electrical problem. When they reach the end of their useful life they are losing intensity.

On the other hand, LED lighting allows smaller and narrow headlights to be designed , so car designers can take advantage of this circumstance to make better use of space or have more freedom in shaping this part of the vehicles.

A detail in which not everyone falls but that is very important is that LED lighting decreases eye fatigue, since the light they project is white light , something fundamental if you have to drive for long periods of no light.