Fiat Professional presents at the Caravan Salon 2012, a cross-section of the unprecedented variety of models of the Fiat Ducato camper. Currently, the brand emphasizes its expertise in this sector with the expansion of the supply to the Comfort-Matic.

Comfort-Matic is now available for three Fiat Ducato motorhome engines

Three engine versions of the Fiat Ducato camper selling can now be ordered with this automated six-speed gearbox. The exceptionally smooth power transfer is for the Fiat Ducato 130 Multijet, the Fiat Ducato 150 Multijet and Fiat Ducato 180 Multijet ready. The power range of modern and especially economic Ducato turbo diesel engines extends from 96 kW (130 hp) to 130 kW (177 hp).
Many Fiat Ducato camper at the Caravan Salon 2012

Three transmission modes for the Fiat Ducato

In any Fiat Ducato motorhome makes the Comfort-Matic long trips more enjoyable. In the “Auto” is taking all the electronic gear changes. In semiautomatic mode, the driver can specify the switching points. In addition, he is free to perform the manual gearshift mode according to their taste. The gradation of the six gears while setting provides a perfect translation. With a special feature the Comfort-Matic also encountered the fact that mobile homes are often loaded to just below the maximum permitted weight.

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Enhancing safety and driving comfort in the Fiat Ducato motorhome

When smart gearbox of the Fiat Ducato may be activated at the push of the mode “Up”. The electronic control system moves the shift points for gear changes in line with the increase in vehicle weight. The mode, “Up” also driving on roads with steep inclines or slopes is more convenient. The Comfort-Matic on the one hand, then automatically climb up only at higher speeds, on the other hand, the downhill engine braking force from the Fiat motor home ideally used.