Ducati and AMG reached an agreement which stated that the two brands of luxury cars would begin to offer their services to selected clients in a combined and joint process. In the future Hall of Frankfurt, this contract will be staged as everyone was expecting. The first creature that Ducati will present will be a very inspired by the spirit of the AMG cars, originating in Germany.

New Ducati Mercedes AMG Frankfurt.


This model will appear for all to see in a few weeks will be mostly based on the top of the range of Ducati, the new Diavel and specifically in their finishes Carbon, the German mark in the Special Edition AMG will use to honor the power and technological control of the other cars made ​​by German Mercedes. This motorcycle is the fact that, not only in marketing and advertising, AMG and Ducati can start to change things in the world of two wheels of the hand.


As happened with the passenger AMG, the Diavel AMG special model will come with a spectacular range of alloy wheels with five spokes, an exhaust pipe system will remember a lot of sports Mercedes, a radiator side which will be protected by a thin layer of aluminum and carbon fiber, and a black leather alcantara seats for both driver and package. Not only this, each one of the bikes will have an identification number and will come signed by the chief engineer.