Nissan is preparing electric model with autonomy extender 2016

Nissan takes time fiddling with various project expand their commercial fleet of electric cars beyond the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan e-NV200. Some managers manufacturer had advanced the possibility of coming up with a hybrid model in 2016. Well, today, we have known is that Nissan will go for a model with electric range extender for next year.

Nissan aims to quell range anxiety with an EV equipped with a ... is preparing its first electric model equipped with a range-extending generator

This was stated by one of the Directors General of the company, Yoshi Shimoida, in an interview published in the Australian Motoring . This has equated to the future model BMW i3 REx (with extender of autonomy), and a separate new models we already know will be presented online.

Nissan has confirmed plans to introduce an electric model equipped with a gasoline-burning range extender

The truth is that adding a gasoline engine recharges the battery of an electric new Nissan formed a curious strategy by the manufacturer, being as we are to the doors of the new generation of electric cars with more autonomy. Shimoida has made ​​clear that the model will not be a Nissan LEAF modified, whose next family also threatens to grow .

The head of Nissan left many questions about this model. To learn more we’ll have to wait until next year . Similarly it speculated that this move could mean a delay in the arrival of pure electric models over 300 km of autonomy. In this respect, 2016 promises to be an exciting year.