Nissan NV200 a lucrative market for the London taxi

The Nissan NV200 wants to take its overwhelming dominance the streets of London with arguments to LTi. Have already achieved in the megacity of New York, but London has needed some changes. The highlight is the widening of roads in 200 mm.

Nissan NV200 a lucrative market for the London taxi

Why? English law specifies that a taxi should rotate curb to curb in less than 8 meters. The front passenger seat has been removed to make trunk. You can carry five passengers, three in the last row and two in the opposite direction of the march, with folding seats, sunroof and have USB chargers.

Nissan NV200 LTi taxi looks ugly as hitting a mother but inwardly they are very spacious. One of the arguments on which the NV200 beats the crap the LTi taxi is in economics and ecology.

While the classic English taxi uses a turbo diesel 2.5 engine, the NV200 is confident the 1.5 dCi 90 and 110 horses. Uses up to 50% less and meet Euro 5. This is important in a city that 22,000-odd taxis emit 20% of the particles in suspension.

The Nissan NV200 LTi taxi is also being tested with a solution of the Leaf inherited power. Do not be surprised, and had electric taxis in London before 1900, when there were still horse-drawn carriages. For the diesel versions is five-speed gearbox (90 hp) or six (110 hp), plus a machine that is coming.

At the rear passenger can accommodate a wheelchair, as mandated by British law, and has built a ramp, and two sliding doors for passengers. The business is guaranteed, because the LTi over 15 years will be retired not to renew their licenses.

Nissan NV200 a lucrative market for the London taxi

Curiosities of London taxi

From a computer graphics provided by the press department of Nissan in the UK, we can offload really curious of what the world of London Taxi:

  • The average range is every race is 5.15 miles
  • On average, each day makes London taxis 200,000 race (9 each)
  • Transported each year to 110 million passengers, 1.48 per taxi
  • The limit of rotation of 25 feet (7.62 meters) is due to a roundabout at the entrance of the Savoy Hotel
  • It is estimated that taxis do every year 50 million turns curb to curb (less than 25 feet, of course)
  • Each year, make 233,600,000 miles, change almost 376 million kilometers, equivalent to 500 return flights to the moon, or visit the Ecuador 9,400 times.
  • Nissan can do that and more Okay, that was unnecessary.