Reduced interior with three-spoke steering wheel and digital displays.

BMW 02 REMINISCENCE CONCEPT: A 1602 for the 21st century

The BMW 02 Reminiscence Concept pays homage to the 1602 electric – BMW’s first electric car drove up to the 1972 Olympic Games. The BMW 02 series as the predecessor of the 3 Series BMW is considered a milestone for the Bavarian car manufacturer. The B MW 2002 Turbo, the Baur convertibles and the motorsport versions became icons; attempts to…

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smallest car

The auctioned Scooter: 85,100 euros for the smallest car in the world

Scooters, cabin scooters and scooter vehicles: The Dorotheum, The largest auction house in Central Europe as it’s said by its website, auctioned rare mobility eyewitnesses from the 1950s. A Peel P.50, three-wheeled microcar, brought 85,100 euros. After the Second World War Europe drove bike, scooter and Mobile scooter. Some of the rarities are now coming under the hammer in the…

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Sometimes we can repair the tires to continue driving with them

What type of tires can be possible to repair and how?

Manufacturers have been researching different materials and components for years when developing a tire. They have made the wheels withstand high speeds and different types of climates. However, they are not unbreakable, and there are elements on the road that pose a danger to them such as nails, screws, glass, curbs … Tires cannot be repaired in all situations. Technical…

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Mercedes-Benz 190 E Elektro at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz 190 E Elektro: experimented with the bases of their future electric cars

The boom in electric mobility is recent. Years have passed since the manufacturers showed us their first prototypes to finally commercialize the electric cars massively that lay the foundations of what the mobility of the future will be like, but all of them (or almost all) have flirted with alternative mobility during the last decades. The Mercedes-Benz 190 E Elektro…

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