Peugeot Partner L1 2015: the renewed commercial Van

A partner in name and in fact that is positioned brilliantly in the middle of the range of commercial Peugeot between small Bipper and the rugged Boxer. The Peugeot Partner has recently been revised in the aesthetics of the front, with a load floor available in two lengths with dimensions respectively of 4320 cm and 4628 cm. The difference between the two versions is all in the rear overhang which the smallest is 727 mm while the larger 975 mm. The range also includes the classic configuration platform discovered destined to processing bodybuilders and a bright and comfortable version of the car, so it managed to completely hide the origins purely working medium.

New Peugeot Partner Tepee showcases a variety of major developments in both style and technology - with new, state-of-the-art connected equipment

Peugeot Partner: road test

We tried the smaller version of the commercial Peugeot Partner L1 2015, powered by the engine from 100 hp Euro 6 BlueHDi. Boarded, before enjoying the driving experience we quickly got to know the modern and rational configuration of interior, with an unexpectedly large amount of storage compartments and empty pockets. Maybe even too much because it took a long time to discover the individual intended uses of the rooms and then to remember the following days where we had put this or that. Optional equipment of the first order, with infotainment and Rear-focused in the generous touchscreen 7 center of the dashboard, parking sensors, Aux and USB sockets, additional storage compartment under the parcel shelf, half cabin compartment separator sheet half grid opening Removable Long loads, additional spotlights.

In the cockpit of Peugeot Partner L1 2015 are already standard a comfortable and rational, divided between the area with a guide seat-looking car and the passenger area has two places of which the central folding and usable both as an armrest as lectern and Side completely adjustable to the load of longer items that exceed the normal load compartment or to be kept on hand in the cabin in the absence of passengers. Actually the central place is very sacrificed for the passenger’s legs that are hindered by the presence of the bridge extended at that point to accommodate the gear lever, reducing the space for our fellow travelers to a realistic and a half square. Road is the noise and the sobriety of the new Euro 6 engine lead the way, with an idea and a remarkable speed for a commercial even exaggerated, over 170 km / h the engine from 100 hp even if it is only the number two the scale of the maximum power available allows you to work in peace bearing the load well and enjoying the most experienced driver in the schemes under torque. Transmission five-speed accurate, although with slightly countered excursion in the highest gear, emergency steering and powerful brakes with also with a Hill Holder for assistance hill start, do the rest for a pleasant driving experience.

Presented on the occasion of the Motor Show, the new Peugeot Partner L1 and Partner Tepee both benefit from changes in styling

The large rear doors that open to 180 ° to the rear and a sliding side door facilitated by our experience of load, which took place on a hot August to move between the Stamping Plant and the finishing of the innovative prototype planter from urban decor yet waiting to go out on the market to feature the appearance of our cities in the future. We easily could have used mechanical loading systems without encountering obstacles generated by the goalkeeper. Moving on to do the plumbers for a day or auto parts suppliers have not worried in the least, nor the lengths of pipes or bars to be placed safely in our van nor the size of abundant bonnets and bumpers to load. Essentially a van is like a driver’s car and that leaves nothing in terms of ergonomics and ease of loading can only be an ideal Peugeot Partner L1 2015 to choose to give an added value of quality and convenience to work everyday.

List prices from € 16,340 for the engine chosen which reached 17,640 euro with the rich optional equipment choices. An appropriate price for a working tool that can also boast of having low consumption commisurabili at about 25 km / l with a relaxed pace at 90 km / h.