Porsche could design an eight-cylinder boxer

The bosses of Porsche have admitted to Autocar that might be thinking about designing an eight-cylinder boxer engine for its future rival Ferrari 458 Italy. Wolfgang Hatz, head of research and development of Porsche dropped in the presentation of the new 911 that “A motor that’s possible. We need to come well equipped for this market”.

Porsche could design an eight-cylinder boxer

Having said that, Mathias Müller claimed last week that he was irritated by the fact that Porsche did not have any competitor of Ferrari supercars on the market for 250,000 euros upwards and had room for a highly competitive model as was once the 959.


Porsche’s own engineers know that the boxer six-cylinder displacement can not expand beyond the 4-liter to compete in a very specific segment, dominated by Ferrari, an eight-cylinder is a prerequisite.


Taking the step towards an eight-cylinder engine would be a good move to differentiate the new model of its flagship , the Porsche 911 and the next generation of the Porsche Cayman . Apparently, the creation of this eight-cylinder would be provided by design, already underway, the new four-cylinder for the next roadster access to the range, an engine that would be modular and would be extended to six or eight cylinders.


The Stuttgart brand has already developed in 1969 two versions of the eight-cylinder boxer 914 -engine. One was a gift to Ferry Porsche for his sixtieth birthday and the other is kept at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.