Porsche for Christmas Gifts

Alfombrila and Raton Porsche Design

Are approaching Christmas, and as every year, the luxury car brands strive to fine-tune its range of “branded gifts”. In this case the first to arrive was Porsche, renewing its online store with juicy items to give away (to another or yourself).

Casting an eye around the store we see a lot of contrast from beautiful models of the Porsche 911 turbo for 35 € up pretty average pack costing a whopping € 1,000. There are also things like a cooler firkis making shaped ice Porsche cars.

Porsche RS Bike
Porsche RS Bike

For more affluent pockets is the Porsche RS Bike costing almost € 6,000 for that price. I’d rather buy a Porsche with four second-hand wheels.
As for me I do not get a quirk of this size, I think I’ll settle for a Porsche keyring (from 14 €).