Porsches smaller and more economical to drive sales

Porsche does not waste time and they are now developing a new four-cylinder engine in order to lay the groundwork for a basic model of competitive and realistic price.
Matthias Mueller, CEO of Porsche, said that the decision of the mark to market a basic roadster at a reduced price (Porsche standards) depends on the behavior of the global economy in the coming months.

Porsches smaller and more economical to drive sales
Mueller said that if you decide to go ahead with this project would begin sales in the third quarter of 2014. We can imagine that the plan was advanced from some time ago, possibly based on the prototype VW Bluesport next appearing as a promising option for a couple of years, but for some reason the German giant has not taken entirely seriously. At least until now.

Since early this year, Mueller left to see the European press that was evaluating whether to launch an entry-level roadster below the Boxster, in a way to revive the idea of the legendary Porsche 550, even using the same name.
If this little roadster comes to commercial stage (along with the new small utility Cajun) represent an important step in the automaker to lure buyers usually can not afford other higher-end models.
Porsche is shifting its strategy to change a target audience “Premium” to a thriving market economies and aspirational in full swing.
Currently, the Stuttgart brand sells one third of its cars in China, so it is serious by 2018 that moves much of the production to the Asian country.