Proposed electric cars: the solution the anxiety of autonomy

EP Tender is a French start-up that was unveiled seven years ago with a curious invention: a two-wheeled trailer that hid a gasoline engine, with its corresponding tank, and an electric generator, to be used as a complement for electric cars and provide the vehicle with 500 km of autonomy with each load.

In full swing of the electromobility and with the cost of the batteries falling , the company has changed the idea of ​​converting gasoline cars into hybrids and has presented its new 36.5 kWh trailer , which could extend the autonomy of 400 km an electric car

 This trailer for electric cars is the solution proposed by a French firm against the anxiety of autonomy

This trailer for electric cars is the solution proposed by a French firm against the anxiety of autonomy

The company, based in Paris, intends in this way to end the need to choose between price and autonomy, and the plan is to rent their trailers for about 34 euros.

EP Tender wants to be available on busy routes during holiday periods, so that the driver of electric cars only has to wait for the trailer to be attached autonomously to the rear of the vehicle and can enjoy up to 60 kWh; the power they plan to reach in five years.

The start-up calculates that the price of installing the hitch kit is 600 euros, while an annual subscription amounts to only 40 euros. One hour of recharging at full power, or two hours in eco mode are 7 euros. As the company has confirmed at the head, the company is in talks with Renault and the PSA Group in France to factory install the towbar and connectors in their electric vehicles, such as in Zoe.

The system has a cost per unit of 10,000 euros, but they expect to be able to generate profits in 2024, when they have a fleet of more than 4,000 trailers and 60,000 rentals are carried out per year. For now, for the business to prosper, all electric vehicles must be approved for towing, something that EP Tender believes will change from 2022. The aerodynamic and safety factors must also be taken care of, since the energy flow must travel from the trailer’s batteries to those of a moving vehicle.