Renault Kangoo: Without B-pillar – high-roof station wagon with loading trick

Renault will be launching the third generation of the Kangoo from spring 2021. It comes back as a commercial vehicle, in a car variant and with an electric drive.

In the summer of 2019, the French carmaker gave an initial outlook on the new Kangoo with the Kangoo ZE study. The third generation of the Renault Kangoo will then roll out to dealers in spring 2021. In addition to the more highly equipped compact transporter Kangoo Rapid, Renault will offer the Renault Express model, which will then replace the Dacia Dokker, which is no longer available.

Express Transporter, Renault also offers a passenger transport variant with five seats

Transporter without a right B-pillar

The third generation of the Renault Kangoo retains its variable space concept and its ample space. With “Easy Side Access” and “Easy Inside Gallery”, the Kangoo Rapid transporter variant has two innovations that facilitate access to the loading compartment and loading. Easy Side Access stands for the widest side loading opening on the market at 1,446 millimeters, twice as wide as in the previous model. Specifically, Renault simply leaves out the B-pillar on the passenger side. The Easy Inside Gallery allows long and bulky items to be transported in the top of the hold while keeping the floor free for further cargo.

The Renault is available in the Kangoo Rapid version in two body lengths. Depending on the version, the loading volume is 3.3 to 3.9 cubic meters or 4.2 to 4.9 cubic meters. There is also an abundance of drive variants: the compact transporter will be available with manual and automatic transmission, as well as diesel, petrol and, at a later date, also electric. The French are still keeping details of the engine range to themselves.

Renault is modernizing its high roof station wagon Kangoo. The practical French grows a little taller

When it comes to design, the French are focusing on more dynamism than before. Features include the striking shoulder area and the redesigned front area with chrome accents. The headlights are flatter than before and protrude far into the fenders. The Renault logo is higher up in the grill, which means that the bonnet needs a small recess at the front. The apron has strong indentations on the right and left. In the side view, the short overhangs and the roof rails stand out. It stays with the sliding doors. The upright lights can be seen at the rear, as well as the slightly more rounded design of the body. The rear flap extends far down.

New cockpit landscape

The interior is characterized by the horizontally structured instrument panel with numerous storage options. In addition, there are sturdy, comfortable seats. Depending on the version, the multimedia screen sits on top of the dashboard or lower in front of it, the gear lever halfway up on a stubby center console. The cockpit is based on two analog round instruments that have a digital display in the middle.

New on board the Kangoo are the Easy Link multimedia system

New on board the Kangoo are the Easy Link multimedia system, trailer stability control, emergency braking assistant and a digital interior mirror that shows what is happening behind the vehicle without restriction, despite the partition wall and fully lined cargo space.

In addition to the Express Transporter, Renault also offers a passenger transport variant with five seats and a large luggage compartment for international markets outside Europe. Both express variants are produced in Tangier, Morocco. Renault manufactures the new Kangoo and Kangoo Rapid in Maubeuge, France.

It is also clear that the new Kangoo will also be available from Mercedes again. Here the Kangoo will appear as a new Mercedes T-Class and again as a Citan.