Renault’s first electric SUV could be called Renault Zandar, with up to 500 km of autonomy and CMF-EV platform

Some French media have echoed what could be the name of the first electric SUV of the rhombus firm: Renault Zandar. It is an urban crossover that would arrive in 2021 and would be based on the Morphoz electric modular platform concept .

Another electric SUV, the size of the Kadjar, is expected to be unveiled in 2022.

Another competitor for the Peugeot e-2008

A document obtained by the L’argus website shows how Renault has registered the Zandar name, in line with the zero emission strategy of the French brand, which has Renault ZOE as super sales.

Renault's first compact electric SUV presumably called Zandar

According to the information, it will have a size of 4.20 m close to that of the second generation of the Renault Captur, but it will be based on the CMF-EV platform by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

Associated with a thinner battery, it allows the design of vehicles that are closer to the road , with a lower roof, thus gaining aerodynamics and improving habitability.

The Zandar could offer two battery capacities -lithium-ion- while the electric motor will be 100 kW (136 hp) and autonomies of between 300 km and 500 km . There is already talk of a sports RS version for which will be a direct competitor to the Peugeot e-2008.

Renault's first compact battery-electric SUV based on the new CMF-EV platform planned for 2021 could bear the model name Zandar

Already in May, the head of the French brand’s electric cars division, Gilles Normand, announced that they plan to launch two new electric SUVs with up to 550 kilometers of real autonomy by 2022.

Renault will thus strengthen a strategy based on SUVs and electric cars , as has recently become clear, for example, after the presentation of the Renault Arkana , a crossover coupe based on the Captur for 2021, or the final goodbye to engines Combustion in China.