Restyling for BMW 5 Series

The German company BMW announces changes to its 5 Series model. Specifically, we are talking about a restyling of a facelift for this bestselling car in its segment in the European premium market with nearly a million units produced since its arrival.

BMW 5 Series 2013: Restyling of the range with new engines


The bodies sedan (4-door), familiar Touring and Gran Turismo (5-door) of the BMW 5 Series are renewed. Although at first glance do not see big changes, we can state that the grill has a thicker frame, is now chromed and has a lower bumper modified in changing the air intakes, the housing of the fog lights and chrome trim. Also, optionally, it can have xenon headlights.

At the rear of the saloon and Touring models find some small modifications to the pilots. Furthermore, we note that the boot benefits from these changes as they acquire greater load capacity: 440 passes of 550 liters.

In addition, there are new exterior colors and new design alloy wheels.

Restyling BMW 5 Series 2013 Gallery

Mechanics, little change

There are no major developments in the mechanical, although it is to be noted that BMW announced that this restyling brings improvements in engine performance and consumption thereof. Now all BMW 5 Series engines meet the Euro 6 emissions of CO2 and feature Start / Stop and come with energy recovery system to optimize fuel consumption (if you want to take a look at a strange hybrid version the 5 Series, please visit our article on the BMW ActiveHybrid5).

Furthermore, it should also be noted that it has reduced the drag coefficient due to the lower fairing and the redesign of some lower deflectors.

For now, it is unknown whether these changes lead to an increase in the price of the vehicle or not.