The six cylinders in line return to Mercedes-Benz

It is never too late to go back to the six cylinders online. That’s what they think at Mercedes-Benz headquarters, where they will bet on a system they started to abandon in the late 1990s, when they launched their first V6 engine.

The most powerful version The six cylinders in line return to Mercedes-Benz

The return will occur in 2017, when the M 256 will roar under the hood of the new Mercedes-Benz S Class . It will be a 3.0 liter biturbo that will erase the V6 and V8 from the map, something that is explained by looking at the data of maximum power and torque that will be able to offer: 408 CV and 500 Nm.

In total there will be four engine mild hybrid (hybrid 48V) for restyling Class S. In all see an alternator and an electric compressor. The first one will be responsible as a starter and main propeller assistant, while the second will be to eliminate the lag of the turbo to improve the response of the engine reaching 70,000 rpm in 300 milliseconds.

The new six-cylinder in-line reaches the variants diesel and gasoline to improve the consumption and the emissions. The diesel will come with variable valve timing and will be made of aluminum, although the pistons will be made of steel. The displacement will be 2.9 liters and will deliver 313 hp, a figure that far exceeds the 258 hp of the current diesel.

The most powerful version

Another that will benefit from the new Mercedes-Benz bet will be the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 , which will be one of the most efficient V8 in history. It will develop 476 hp of power (27 hp more than the current one) and 700 Nm of maximum torque starting at 2,000 rpm.

It will come very well the technology that deactivates cylinders between 900 and 3,250 rpm, while it will feature an antiparticle filter and a new generation of direct injection. That’s why it can be 10% more efficient than its predecessor despite the power gain.

The most economical version

Finally, say that there will be a four-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters that will deliver 134 hp per liter. It will employ dual-input turbochargers, electric water pump, an optimized intake and a 48-watt electrical system whose mission will be to power the alternator. It will be the most saver of all .

Photos of the new Mercedes-Benz engines