Software update and performance parts: Tesla is now offering a Track Package for Model 3

The performance upgrade includes a software update and various performance parts.
Now there is for the Tesla Model 3 a power upgrade. It includes a software update and hardware designed for a sporty driving style. The software is the latest version of the track mode introduced in 2018. Thanks to it, the driver at Track Days should have the opportunity to get the most out of his Model 3. The new software includes satellite maps, a G-force meter, an accelerometer, real-time telemetry and race track logging, where you can determine the position of the start / finish line yourself.

The Track Package for the performance variants of the Model 3 has now appeared on the Tesla website.

Lots of new data, lots of new settings

While the basic track software from 2018 enabled the driver to increase the power output of the electric motors for racing trips, the latest version allows the driver to distribute the power between the motors using a virtual slider. He can also adjust the recuperation strength and the sensitivity of the stability control. You can see on YouTube videos how long drifts are possible with the new settings. In addition, the software now reads data on the condition of the two motors, the battery, the brakes and the tire temperature. If you want, you can record your trips with the vehicle’s own camera and save them on a USB stick. The racetrack settings once made can be saved – the system offers a total of 20 spaces for preset racetrack setups.

A set of 20-inch Zero G Performance rims with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in the dimension 245/35 ZR 20 XL is included in the scope of the Track Package.

Motorsport parts for the production car

The track package for the performance variant of the Model 3 , which was leaked to the public in 2019 through a parts catalog, has now appeared on the American Tesla homepage. It is intended as a hardware supplement to the software update. It contains a set of 20-inch Zero G performance rims with Tesla logo center caps, 20 wheel nut covers, a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in size 245/35 ZR 20 XL, four tire pressure sensors, high-performance brake pads for the front and rear and a brake fluid optimized for racing.

Tesla Model 3 Track Package has High-performance brake pads improve Model 3 deceleration – they are also included in the Track Package.

Not yet available in Europe

Interested parties can now order the package on the American Tesla website, deliveries begin in April and will be made to certified dealers who will then install the racing components in the customer vehicles. The cost is $ 5,500 (currently converted to about 4,917 euros). It is not yet clear whether the offer will also come to Europe and if so, when it will be available.

Motorsport and Tesla: do they go together?
Sure, the electric cars are enormously potent.No, the battery is too heavy and cannot store enough energy.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has always been a fan of sporty cars. He likes dynamic driving and is aware of the possibilities of high-torque electric motors. So he makes the top models of the Tesla series increasingly sporty. This can only be right for the customer: Nowhere is the energy consumption of a vehicle higher than when using the racetrack. So Tesla is forced to continuously develop the storage capacity of its batteries – after all, the fun on the racetrack should not be over after a few laps. Of course, this also benefits the Tesla models in everyday operation.