First stolen photo of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, with the steering wheel of tactile controls and the large central screen.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be the first car with a front airbag for the rear seats

A few days after its official presentation, Mercedes-Benz has continued to reveal some details of what awaits us with the new luxurious generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The luxury saloon will be ‘a mobile with wheels’ and most of the changes will be noticed inside: it will come equipped with a huge digital screen , facial recognition thanks to the…

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And it is something that could be achieved with the so-called solid state batteries

What are solid state batteries and why are the future of the car

Our daily needs more and more batteries of greater capacity, durability and stability. Whether for mobile devices or electric cars , the need for better batteries is evident. Brands like Tesla have achieved authentic feats in the management of lithium-ion batteries, improving the autonomy of their models without changing the batteries. But it’s not enough. If one day the electric…

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The main problem that Europe finds in the research and development of materials alternative to lithium

Ford is committed to solid state batteries and invests in Solid Power to have safer electric cars

Ford has just made a major commitment to solid-state batteries and announced the investment in the start-up Solid Power , partner of BMW and also has the capital of companies like Samsung and Hyundai. “Our participation in Solid Power allows us to continue collaborating on an important emerging technology that could really transform the design and integration of smart electric…

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3D printing, titanium and carbon fiber. These are the rims for supercar cars of the future

3D printing, titanium and carbon fiber: the rims for supercar of the future

The three – dimensional printing is revolutionizing the world. This new technology capable of creating complete parts through additive processes opens the doors to a new path for the manufacture of parts and components that is beginning to be applied to the automotive industry with more than promising results. After Porsche uses this technology to create parts of its classic…

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The process of installing LED headlights is quite simple . In the following video we can see a video tutorial

How LED Lighting Works in Vehicles?

Since 2003 Audi presented headlights with LED lighting in the Frankfurt Motor Show. This type of technology has been established and today not only high-end cars are incorporated as equipment standard but it is becoming more common than even mid-range vehicles include different kinds of LED car bulbs. LEDs have the property of emitting light when current flows through them.…

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The Bill Gates company will operate its "intelligent cloud", a series of IT services in the field of artificial intelligence

Microsoft will help the Google China to create its first autonomous vehicle

Microsoft will work and help the Chinese search service Baidu Internet, also known as the “Chinese Google” to develop an autonomous vehicle. The two companies announced in a statement the agreement and the new cooperation. The company founded by Bill Gates is No. 50 to join the Apollo Alliance , launched by Baidu strategy for competition among technology companies. In…

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