Tesla Model S September update will allow to exceed 640 km of autonomy

Lately, it seems that Tesla makes only one model, the Model 3. It is as if we had forgotten the Model S and Model X . In Tesla, obviously, they have not forgotten about it. In fact, are coming to light the first details of the improvements that will equip the updated Model S for 2020 , whose production would begin this September.

This first half of 2019 is not an easy year for the brand. Between maximum control costs and still dealing with the logistics of how to send cars to customers, Tesla should also set up production Model Y . And in the midst of all this, they also have to give an update to the Model S to keep it alive in the market.

Tesla Model 3 Performance in circuit. And yes, an electric car can overshadow a BMW M3

Starting to manufacture and sell the Model Y in 2019 is almost a must for Tesla . When before entering the market of the SUV and go for the clientele of the BMW X3 , Audi Q5 and e-tron and Mercedes GLC , better for the company. However, the company has practically not yet commissioned the machines and equipment generally needed for the production of the Model Y at the Fremont factory, according to conversations by Tesla employees with CNBC .

Elon Musk suggested that Model Y would probably be manufactured in Fremont, but officially Tesla has not yet begun to reorganize or prepare production in Fremont. And is that to assemble the Model Y it is necessary that the Model S and Model X are made in the same assembly line.

Currently, they are manufactured in two separate assembly lines and take up a lot of space. A situation that is due, in part, to the large number of elements that make them up, especially Model X whose rear doors on hawk wings are particularly complex to assemble.

The most obvious update, but one that will not be seen (and that in Tesla hinted during the test of the Model 3 Performance at Paul Ricard ) will be that of new engines

Meanwhile, Tesla must offer something new. And that something new would be a profound restyling of the Model S. The objective is to preserve its position in the segment of the luxury saloons and try to grow in that segment.

640 km of autonomy and engines with the technology of Model 3

The most obvious update, but one that will not be seen (and that in Tesla hinted during the test of the Model 3 Performance at Paul Ricard ) will be that of new engines, applying the technology and experience gained with the Model 3. And that is that Model 3 is currently one of the most efficient electric cars on the market, along with the Hyundai Ioniq and Kona EV and Kia e-Niro.

Therefore, lower consumption and therefore higher autonomy can be expected. In fact, in CNCB they speak of an autonomy of 400 miles (643 km) , when the Long Range version stays at 370 miles (595 km) in the EPA cycle. 50 km may seem little, but it still leaves Tesla as a leader in terms of autonomy and energy management.

Another important change mentioned by Tesla employees would be on board the car. The central screen of the Model S would become horizontal, in the style of the Model 3, and the dashboard would have a minimalist design as the Model 3.

It is logical to think, on the other hand, that once launched the update of the Model S, it also reaches the Model X. After all, they share engines and dashboard.

Regarding the exterior design, no information about its possible changes has yet been filtered. In any case, there should be some change, enough to differentiate the new models from the current ones.