The Best magnetic car phone holder for all type of cars

The car phone holder allows you to fix the phone to the windshield, vents or dashboard: here are the best products for each type.

Nowadays, the latest generation vehicles have modern infotainment systems, however the smartphone remains a fundamental device, so a product that is always very popular is the mobile phone holder for the car . This support allows you to leave the phone in sight, to use it as a satellite navigator, play your favorite music from your playlists, or make calls with the speakerphone and voice controls so as not to distract attention from the road. On the market you can find many different models, with magnetic, suction cup or interlocking supports, so let’s see immediately which are the best cell phone holders for cars on the market.

Mechanical devices are by far the simplest to use, equipped with a clip or interlocking system

The holders for the smartphone with magnet system are practical and comfortable to use, do not compromise the interior design and have a very compact minimalist structure. Here are the best magnetic car phone holders .

Aukey Auto Support

One of the most popular inexpensive car phone holders is the Aukey model , a magnetic model that fits directly into the car’s air conditioning vents . This device is compatible with Android and iOS devices such as the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Sony Xperia, as long as they are characterized by a weight of less than 500 grams . Operation is practical and safe, thanks to 4 magnets that guarantee a stable and resistant assembly, with compact dimensions that optimize space and do not create any unnecessary bulk, without interference so as not to compromise the smartphone. Buy it on Amazon .

Floveme magnetic car holder

One of the best car phone holders is the Floveme , a device with a magnetic fixing system compatible with iPhone 11 and any type of device with a width between 1.9 and 3.7 inches . The support is applied to the air conditioning nozzle, it is equipped with 4 powerful magnets that guarantee an impeccable locking and no side barriers for a perfect visibility of the phone from every angle. The Floveme car holder, available on Amazon , is easy to install and remove, allows you to recharge your smartphone with a USB cable and use your mobile phone as a navigator in a safe way.

Best suction cup car phone holder

Among the most common supports for fixing the smartphone in the car are those with suction cups, models that allow you to position the structure anywhere in the vehicle, for example on the windshield or on the dashboard. Let’s see which are the best suction cup car cellphone holders on the market.

Cocoda car holder with suction cup

The Cocoda model is a rather inexpensive suction cup car mount, with a powerful and reliable fixing system to fix the structure on the dashboard or on the glass of the car. In the center there is a mechanism with ball bearings that allows you to rotate the support platform 360 degrees, to choose the position of the smartphone according to your needs, with padded lining to prevent scratches and damage to the phone. To remove the mobile phone there is a special button with a snap system, which releases the device immediately without the need to force or push, with an extendable arm up to 12 cm and compatibility with devices with screens from 4 to 6.5 inches .Buy it now on Amazon .

Mpow 360 degrees

An excellent suction cup mobile phone holder for cars is the Mpow 360 degrees , a device to be fixed to the windshield or dashboard of the car equipped with a movable joint for 360 ° rotation. This model is compatible with many types of smartphones, including Huawei, iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi devices with a screen from 4 to 6.5 inches ( find out the price on Amazon ). The housing structure of the phone has supports at the bottom and sides for maximum safety, with two adjustable arms to find the optimal configuration and use all the features of the mobile phone while driving, such as the navigator or the app for playing your own music playlist.

Best mobile phone holder for mechanical cars

Mechanical devices are by far the simplest to use, equipped with a clip or interlocking system that allows you to hook the support to the air conditioning vents or on the edge of the dashboard. Here are the best cellphone holders for mechanical cars on the market.

Beenle car holder for dashboard

The Beenle holder is a structure to support the smartphone in the car, a system consisting of an interlocking element with mounting on the dashboard and 360 degree rotation mechanism of the phone ( available on Amazon ). The support can also be fixed to the air conditioning vents, with a simple system to insert by force, with a scratch-resistant surface to avoid scratching the coating during application. The Beenle support is compatible with all mobile phones with displays with dimensions from 3.5 to 6.5 inches , has a silicone clip that does not damage the device and ensures a stable anchorage that can withstand even the most intense vibrations.

Ugreen aluminum support

One of the best interlocking car phone holders is the Ugreen device ( find out the price on Amazon ), a support with aluminum coating and automatic hooking system that tightens itself once the phone is inserted into the structure. This product is also compatible with the iPhone 11, the Samsung S10 and the Huawei P30, it works without problems with all smartphones with screens between 4.7 and 6.8 inches, with interlocking application directly to the air conditioning vents and minimalist design that does not compromise the view of the mobile phone while driving.