The new WRC cars will be hybrid, very aggressive and cheaper

Little by little we are learning more details about what the WRC cars will be like from 2022. To start, we have to forget about this nomenclature. The World Rally Car cars are finished. From that year they will be Rally1 , although the championship will continue to be called the WRC. It is only the first change of many to come.

Because from 2022 the cars of the World Rally Championship will also become hybrids cars. It is something that we have known in a more or less reliable way for a while, but it is already official. Rally1 will be the spearhead of the pyramid but the rest of the categories will continue to exist, starting with Rally2, present since 2013.

So the FIA ​​wants to bet on engines that are more affordable for brands , to be able to use them outside the competition, and also to reduce costs

The goal is to attract more brands with hybrid engines and lower costs

The FIA’s main battle is to make the WRC cars attractive to brands. After the withdrawal of Citroën this winter, only Toyota and Hyundai remain as official teams , with the M-Sport acting as Ford’s satellite team. In recent years the withdrawal of brands has been constant in the WRC.

So the FIA ​​wants to bet on engines that are more affordable for brands , to be able to use them outside the competition, and also to reduce costs. The WRC doesn’t have to be very expensive for big manufacturers to be drawn to the competition. It is the main premise that the FIA ​​has set itself.

Another premise of the FIA ​​is that the Rally1 have an aggressive appearance, in that sense it would follow the line of the WRC , but with more simplicity in some components, more similar to the Rally2, in order to reduce costs. The weight / power ratio will remain at current levels, at 3.1 kilos per horse.

In addition, each factory will be free to choose its body scaling model. Hidden ducts that could give an aerodynamic advantage are eliminated and the entire rear of vehicles is also simplified. There will no longer be so much difference between a new Rally1 and the current Rally2.

As for the transmission, they will be cars with all-wheel drive and five speeds , very similar in concept to the rules of the current Rally2. The single level type differential, no center differential, just a kinematic drive train. A maximum of six drive units per car is allowed per year.

The displacement or travel of the wheel will be reduced. Shock absorbers are simplified, with a reduced range for homologation updates. Stabilizer bushing, bushing, and designs will be simplified. Also, there will only be one mandatory suspension arm specification. Finally, liquid cooling of the brake is prohibited . This is the new WRC that is coming.