The Renault Latitude meets the expectations

We can consider the flagship of Renault at the moment, the Latitude, began marketing in Spain earlier this year and nine months later, the French brand that communicates to us has achieved the expectations in terms of sales of the model in just eight months. The initial expectations were of 1000 units per year, but have reached two thirds of the year.

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Armando Garcia Otero, CEO of Renault Spain Trade said in a statement following “We are very pleased with the results you are achieving Renault Latitude in Spain, in just 8 months, the volume that got its predecessor in the first two years after its launch, in a market than today”.

The truth is that is great news for Renault, because the first vehicle reviews were not bad but if improved, in every note that was left over did not like they come from Korea, especially with regard to certain terms and small details of the vehicle.