Tips for traveling by car during the holidays

The warm weather arrives and with it increase travel by car to enjoy leisure time during the weekend or a few days of vacation both on the beach and in the mountains. Conduct reviews regular car is always advisable, but if we are to make long journeys.

Here we present some tips very simple you should not ignore in any case if you want your car trips did not get problems and can devote all your time enjoying deserved rest.
The tire manufacturers and distributors are advised to check the status of the gums frequently to ensure safety


The first and most important thing to do if you’re traveling by car is to check the tire pressure. It is very simple and can be done at any gas station, because all have manometer. A suitable pressure guarantees a perfect grip and also causes the gums to deteriorate less and last longer. Ten mind when inflating the wheels weight that will endure, because in this period is often overload the car.

Another aspect to take into account is the correct distribution of the load in the car. If we are going to travel with luggage must distribute evenly in the trunk, avoiding overloading somewhere. If we use roof rack, make sure that all objects are secure.

Check levels

Before approaching a trip check fluid levels. Keep in mind that in summer and high temperatures the car engine suffers more, so it is imperative to keep in their correct levels deposits of oil and refrigerant.

If the trip is going to make a place we’ve never been before, it is very convenient route plan ahead using maps or dispose of browsers that allow us to reach the destination without wrong path.

You also need to take the trip with tranquility and rest every two hours to prevent episodes of fatigue and always maintain the utmost attention when we’re driving.

And, last but not least, respect the rules of the road, which will certainly help us to have a quiet trip without surprises.