Top 5 Future Concept Cars

Every year we see a number of beautiful concept cars from different automakers, and although not all of them go into production, they give us a good idea regarding the future of automotive industry. During the last decade, hundreds of exquisitely designed concept cars were displayed on different auto shows, but here we will discuss the top 5 cars, which we hope would hit the roads in future.

The Nissan Teatro for Dayz is an ideal car developed for the millennials
1. Taihoo 2046 Concept Car by Hao Huang

The Taihoo 2046 concept car takes its design cues from the Chinese Taihu Stone. It features high-strength acrylic windows, Film solar cells capable of absorbing solar energy which in turn creates electricity to power the interior equipment. The body structure of the Taihoo 2046 is made of low weight aluminum and it is powered by a battery, which according to engineers offer a range of up to 500 kilometers. The best part about the Taihoo’s interior is that it can be easily transformed into a camping tent.

2. Rolls Royce Vision 100 Concept

The Rolls Royce Vision 100 concept showcases what the future of mobility will be like in the next 20 or 30 years. The concept is huge in size measuring 20 feet long (5.9m) and 5 feet tall. According to the automaker, it features an intelligent AI system called Eleanor, which will learn about occupant’s behavior and could be controlled via voice commands. The best part is that the Rolls-Royce Vision 100 concept is fully autonomous with sofas and couches inside and no steering wheel column.

3. Mercedes IAA Concept

The Mercedes IAA (“Concept Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile”) is a shape-shifting car, which can morph its body at high speed in order to achieve better aerodynamics and reduce drag. It also includes a wireless networking system allowing the IAA Concept to communicate with other vehicles on the road. The powertrain consists of a gasoline-electric hybrid system, developing 275 bhp. The top speed of the IAA will be 155 mph.

4. Nissan Teatro for Dayz

The Nissan Teatro for Dayz is an ideal car developed for the millennials. Its cabin has been dubbed by the automaker as “a future canvas”. The whole cabin uses lots of display surfaces, which can be changed according to driver’s preference. For example, if occupants would desire a golf course environment, all the displays inside will be changed accordingly. Moreover, the Nissan Teatro for Dayz does not involve any buttons or knobs, and the interior functions rely primarily on voice commands.

5. Rinspeed Etos Concept

The Rinspeed Etos Concept is based on the BMW i8, but renders some really advanced tech equipment including autonomous drive system consisting of eight exterior HD cameras, 3D GPS navigation, an interior eye recognition system monitoring where the driver is looking and an electronic side view mirror. On the inside, the Rinspeed Etos concept offers an advanced 21.5 inch ultra HD infotainment, which can learn the driver’s behavior and make predictions.