Toyota Hilux is renewed with more aggressiveness on the outside

Toyota Hilux is renewed with more aggressiveness on the outside and a new 204 hp diesel engine on the inside

The pick-ups continue to maintain their weight in the market. They may not be exactly a very popular vehicle in Europe, but in addition to being work vans, they are achieving their customer niche as leisure vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux is one of the longest-running and most reputed models globally and that is why the Japanese firm has wanted to update the recently renovated pick-up with both interior and exterior changes.

More power and connectivity for the Toyota Hilux

The last update of the Toyota Hilux appeared in 2016 to become a model with 50 years of life in the market with more than 18 million units sold. Now the well-known Japanese pickup with a reputation for indestructibility washes its face and debuts a new variant of its special edition Invincible.

The Toyota Hilux needed an update to catch up on its direct competitors like the Ford Ranger , the Mitsubishi L200 or, in a more premium range, the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes-Benz X-Class . The Hilux now looks rougher and wilder, being more offroad on the outside and a bit more SUV on the inside .

Aesthetically the new Hilux is distinguished by a more aggressive looking grille. The subtle lines of the previous version give way to stronger moldings where the angles take center stage to give a rougher appearance and the option of incorporating headlights with full LED technology .

The colors of the body are updated, as well as the LED pilots in the rear area, new bumpers and wheels with different and more daring designs to make it clear that it is a new model with its own personality.

The cabin receives few changes. It maintains its appearance with SUV airs and a large screen on the dashboard, but some finishes have been incorporated with better finishes (trim, lighting and coatings) and connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay . The sound system can have a power of up to 800 W, signed by JBL.

At a mechanical level, the Toyota Hilux is going to part with the veteran 2.4 D4-D diesel engine in favor of a more modern block, the 2.8 D4-D, although both engines will coexist. The new 2.8 spits out figures of 204 hp and 500 Nm of torque , considerably more forceful than the 150 hp and 400 Nm of the previous engine, although with lower consumption (7.8 liters per 100 km according to the NEDC cycle).

The new Hilux has yet to be officially unveiled, but its first units should arrive at dealerships before the end of 2020 . It will also come with the Invincible version, with specific equipment and numerous details in black.
The Invincible version of Toyota Hilux was already released in Europe in 2018 on the pre-restyling basis, using similar changes with aesthetic variations and a price of 38,270 euros.