Toyota now offers all its models with a five-year warranty

Speculated since the beginning of 2020, Toyota makes the five-year warranty of all models in its line official. The new period is valid for 2020/2020 zero kilometer vehicles. The new period opened in 2019 with the arrival of the new Corolla 2020. The hybrid systems‘ warranty is still guaranteed for eight years.

Launched in 2019, the Corolla was the first Toyota model in Brazil to feature a five-year warranty. Now brand extends to all 2020/2020 models

According to Toyota, the new coverage is linked to the limit of 100 thousand kilometers driven applied only for legal entities and / or commercial use. For hybrid models, the components of the system continue with the same coverage period of eight years and the end of the term with 200,000 km traveled, for both legal entities and individuals.

To be entitled to full coverage and validity, the models must be in normal use and have their periodic maintenance carried out at the Toyota dealer network, within the time and mileage limits, as determined by the owner’s manual.

Toyota Accessories

The brand also advises that the installation of accessories and replacement items must be done with genuine Toyota parts . Any modification to the vehicle outside the specifications is subject to the loss of warranty coverage.