UK’s first electric motorway for hybrid and electric trucks launched

The UK’s first electric motorway is already under development. A 30-kilometer stretch will house this first experiment in the country to connect hybrid trucks from 2024, to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Although initially it is only planned to cover a section of 30 km, the plan is to increase it to a significant section between the main logistics centers of Immingham and Doncaster.

to reduce emissions is nothing new, and its climate protection strategy foresees that by 2030 the transport sector will be independent of fossil fuels

This project is nothing new , since in Sweden and Almenania, they have already been using these eHigways for several years. In 2016, the first section of electrified road was inaugurated in the Scandinavian country and, in that same year, work began in Germany, although it was not until 2019 that the first tests began .

These eHighway roads or electric motorway are compatible with fuel cell or hybrid electric trucks . They have a sustained cable with which the trucks’ batteries can be recharged and that they can use the electric mode during the entire journey, since while they are moving they are recharging.

Unlinking trucks from their dependence on petroleum products is a must, and the eHighway is the first step

The companies in charge of this project are Continental, Costain and Siemens, and they want to implement new large-scale pilot tests in 2023.

Do you remember the trolleybuses? Well, the operation is very similar. A reach the area the electrified a smart retractable pantograph mounted on cabs contact catenary and feed electric power, disconnecting heat engines at speeds up to 90 km / h.

Known as eHighway , the world's first electric highway has just been born in Sweden

The goals of the electric motorway are to promote these types of roads across Europe to help power electric trucks and reduce CO₂ emissions and, by 2030, have up to 4,000 kilometers of electric roads.