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The inspiration comes after Auto Trader’s research found that the scent of a new car was most-associated with success

Brand launches perfume with new car smell

The online car sales network Auto Trader launches perfume that promises to bring the smell of a new car for over a thousand reais Do you know that new car smell? Have you ever imagined having this fragrance encapsulated in…

The Nissan Teatro for Dayz is an ideal car developed for the millennials

Top 5 Future Concept Cars

Every year we see a number of beautiful concept cars from different automakers, and although not all of them go into production, they give us a good idea regarding the future of automotive industry. During the last decade, hundreds of…

Dodge Challenger Hellcat is now even more aggressive thanks to an official widening kit

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat

With the Dodge Challenger Demon as the most brutal of the Challenger , the powerful Hellcat had been “somewhat decaffeinated” or at least that Dodge thinks , so it offers for the Hellcat 2018 a body widening kit to do.…