Volkswagen unique design of batteries to reduce production costs

Lately we hear more and more news related to the batteries of electric cars and the Volkswagen group, and it seems that is no accident. All indications are that the German automaker is investing his time not only to find a superior technology, such as that of their possible bet with solid polymeric electrolyte batteries ; but also to implement their processes.

Volkswagen newly design batteries to reduce production costs
In that sense, one of the greatest responsible for the technological development of its vehicles, Heinz-Jakob Neusser, admits that of unifying the manufacture of batteries in a unique design would lead to considerable savings in production cost, exactly around 66% . Volkswagen is already working on this project.

The goal, as mentioned, is to find a unique design that can be integrated into custom modules for each vehicle. Neusser admits that the group suffers from synergies in this regard, since today various types of lithium-ion batteries, assorted by different suppliers are used. For example, while the Volkswagen Golf electric or the Volkswagen Golf GTE technology used Panasonic , the next Volkswagen Passat GTE and electric Audi will come batteries Samsung.

The manufacturer does not want to give up their existing collaboration with suppliers, but enforcing that those adapted to the design that intends to ease the process. This is a good example of how, despite the reduction of the price per kWh is already very significant in our day (we told recently that had already reached the levels we expected para2020), the process of “laboratory at the wheel” can mean a drag to see this applied to the final price of electric cars.