Volvo: preparing an anti-collision system for Kangaroos

The Swedish Volvo are expected to develop an anti-collision system for kangaroos, an animal that is the focus of every year about 20 thousand collisions, with requests for reimbursement of up to $ 53 million.

One of the major risks to a motorist in Australia is colliding with a kangaroo. After all, each context has its risks. And that’s why Volvo has announced plans to develop a technology for cars that will sell in the main country of Oceania to avoid accidents with large marsupial.

a technology for cars that will sell in the main country of Oceania to avoid accidents with large marsupial

According to data of the insurance companies of Australia, the kangaroo is the animal that most often cause road accidents. It can run at a speed of 60 km per hour, thanks to its powerful legs. “In Sweden we did a research involving animals pou large and slower, like moose or cows, which are a serious threat on our roads. But kangaroos are the least of these animals and more unpredictable”, explained the engineer Martin Magnusson of Volvo Cars. Volvo, owned by China’s Geely, said that a team of specialist engineers booby security departed from Sweden this week and went in the Australian capital, Canberra, to film the behavior of kangaroos, collect data, in order to then develop software for radar sensors that scandiscano the road and activate the brakes to avoid kangaroos. The insurance company NRMA Australian He said that every year there are 20 thousand collisions between cars and kangaroos to requests for reimbursement by $ 53 million.

Maybe the new anti-collision system for kangaroos we can already see it on the next Volvo S90, which should be out later this year, first in China and then on all other markets by the end of 2016 . There are no surprises in terms of design for the new Volvo V90, since the front fascia seems to be taken from the S90, while the back, with the massive taillights, will be inspired to Summer Concept.