Wash the car like a professional: how to wax the body and leave it flawless

If you own a car, then washing the car become part of your life, if you care about your personality. Washing the car is important because it helps us keep it in the best possible condition and prevent premature wear. It is always a good time to clean the car. Investing some time in shining our vehicle is a laborious process not all the easy that we would like, but once finished it is well worth the time invested, but to improve the finish and prolong the good general condition of the paint it is always better to wax the car.

You can do it yourself, that is car washing can be done at home, possibly spending less time than you imagine, saving a handful of dollars/euros by doing it on your own and with a clean car feeling that will bring you great satisfaction. We are going to compile the necessary steps to hand wax the car.

best way to wash a car without scratching

Waxing by hand is possible, and is neither expensive nor difficult

Before going to work, the previous step before undertaking any task is to find the right place. Not everyone has a garage or a plot to put hours in the car, so the first thing of all will be to locate a good washing station and that, if possible, be near a sheltered, dry place where the sun does not hit. directly.

Sunlight will complicate the operation, since it will prematurely dry the products and excess light will prevent us from seeing correctly how the work we are doing is going. For this reason, once the car is clean, emphasizing the dirtiest areas such as the wheel arches, bumpers and heels, we will dry the entire body with microfiber towels so that there are no lime, soap or moisture spots. that complicates the process.

The next thing is to remove the waxing arsenal that we will have to have previously purchased, of course. Specific polish and wax for car paint and many microfiber cloths . The more the better. For less than 60 euros we can have all the necessary material.

On a cloth we will be applying small amounts of polish to the body. We have to create a more or less homogeneous layer on the paint and let it absorb the moisture of the paste while rubbing in circles with the cloth or with a specific sponge, and removing the excess with another cloth. In this process the micro scratches on the body are smoothed by the friction of the polish particles.

The ideal is to carry out the work in limited areas , dimensioning the body parts and dividing them into smaller parts if necessary to carry out work as homogeneous and manageable as possible.

Best way to wash a car without scratching

Once we have applied the polish to the body, the next step will be waxing. Here we will repeat more or less the same procedure, taking a clean cloth we will have to apply the product carefully, in small quantities distributed so that we facilitate the assimilation of the wax by the paint.

Leaving between 10 and 15 minutes between coats, the wax should have already done its job, at which time it would be necessary to re-clean the areas where we have applied it with another clean cloth. In the same way as before, the application, drying and cleaning is better done in zones to control drying times.

The total process should not have taken us more than mid-morning, but the results are surely more than satisfactory. We are not going to release the car, but its appearance has surely won many integers , in addition to having prolonged the general good condition of the car.